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We are organizing fun, sexy and hot pictures sharing contests with sexy prizes every 2 weeks for the users of our Amateous Android app. (Don’t have Amateous yet ?, download it now !)

Porn Contests – Here is how it works :

  • Every 2 weeks we will announce a theme for the contest, via our blog and twitter.
  • You have exactly two weeks to use Amateous to take and share the sexiest photo based on the theme
  • At the end of each contest the Amateous staff will cast votes and the best picture will be featured and win the prize.

Here are the rules :

These contests are for fun. We intend them to stay that way.

By participating you accept that everything in these contests are at our sole discretion. This includes but is not limited to : announcements, themes, dates, delay, selected photos, winning photos, prizes.

They must represent the current contest theme, be of excellent quality, well lit, very sharp, ultra-sexy and contains in any way, shape, or form the sign “”.

The “” sign is mandatory and is how we will know you want to participate in the current contest. Be creative with the “” sign it will earn you points :)

The Amateous sign cannot be overlayed on a photo it must be taken into the photo

As usual with the Amateous app, photos that we deem, at our sole discretion, of not enough good quality will be deleted and won’t be participating in the contest.

We partnered with the awesome, the most famous and dependable Online Adult Store!!
We chose them because they have an incredible variety of toys, they ship worldwide, with discreet billing and shipping, their coupons are high value and their prices are so low it’s not even funny :)

The prizes will be either coupons as high as $35 or toys from their store upon which we will base the theme of the current contest. These prizes cannot and will not be exchanged to their money value. No cash, no check, no nothing, just the prizes as we intended them.

In addition to the prizes, the winning photos will be featured on this blog in a post to announce the winner and inside the app for everyone to see with a link to your user page inside the app.

Porn Contest Selfies

Share your hottest moments and peep those of others from all around the world. Come join thousands of horny people who shares their most intimate times for our great viewing pleasure.

Posting your amateurs pictures is anonymous and no censorship is done as long as it's sexy, which means that sharers can go wild !!

So come and share with us your morning blowjob, the wonderful body of your girlfriend, your first gang-bang, that deep anal exploration and the resulting creampie. Make us horny !

You can become masturbatory material for our thousands of other users and they will return the favor !!

Fair and Sexy or what ?!

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